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Prevention is #1

When it comes to the Best Care for a child’s teeth, it’s easier and less costly to prevent tooth problems rather than fix them later.

Cavities don’t just happen-they progress as a disease-often developing in stages. If caught in time, this disease process can be stopped. Lack of saliva in your child’s mouth, enamel defects, elevated bacteria, and plaque on teeth are just a few of the advanced screenings that give us an enormous amount of information about your child and whether he or she is at high, moderate, or low risk for the formation of cavities.

Our teamBaby Smiling of dentists and hygienists use some of the most innovative approaches as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to protect your child from cavities. New research, technology, and assessment tools are allowing us to go even further to assess your child’s risk for cavities and other oral issues.

Advanced Prevention Screening and Tests for the Best Care Program Include:

  • A detailed assessment of your child’s specific risk for cavities
  • An extensive consult to help prevent or reverse those factors
  • Determination of risk for future illness and creating a plan for prevention
  • A personalized folder with information to take home on the factors discussed
  • A courtesy follow-up phone call to answer any questions on topics covered
  • A copy of any X-Rays taken
  • Re-evaluation of the child’s risk assessment yearly

Before making an appointment for your child it’s important to understand how dental services are billed and what your insurance will cover. Some insurance plans, like Medicaid, cover exams and cleanings but limit important prevention services. Be sure to check your insurance coverage pertaining to restrictions regarding important screenings, assessments, and instructional services.

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First Impressions is doing everything possible to give you the highest quality pediatric and orthodontic care and an AFFORDABLE cost. Our prevention care is based on your child’s oral health assessment, and it is our responsibility to provide you with excellent care.

If you have any further questions regarding the Best Care Program, please call 715-842-4649 or 844-FID-KIDS or ask to speak to a hygienist prior to your child’s visit.

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