Tooth-friendly snack guide

When you reach for a snack, how much thought do you give to your dental health? First Impressions recommends planning snack times to include more foods that won’t cause cavities and fewer foods that cause cavities easily. Read on to help navigate tooth-friendly snacking! General snacking guidelines First and foremost, water is the beverage of choice. Children should sip on water after every meal or snack. This helps to rinse away the sugars from foods so that they aren’t on teeth. Also, try to avoid sticky foods and foods that are high in sugars and/or carbohydrates. Download the kid’s tooth-friendly snack guide. So what are the BEST Tooth-friendly snacks/foods for kids? Some great snack-time choices are raw, crunchy veggies (such as broccoli and carrots); cheese; and nut butters — like peanut butter on celery sticks. These foods generally do not cause cavities. (There are always exceptions, especially conditions like dry

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