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We receive a lot of great questions about orthodontic treatment, and thought what better way to answer than by sharing for everyone to see? So we sat down with Dr. Jeff to chat through some of his most frequently received questions. 

Do i need a referral to schedule an appointment?
Absolutely not! No one knows your child better than you, so if you think there is a problem or if you're wanting to just chat about options, come in for a free consultation and get your questions answered. By doing so, we'll also be able to catch any potentially problematic situations early, as well as educate both the patients and their parents about different treatment options.

if i have braces and i'm being seen by an orthodontist, do i still need regular dental check-ups every six months?
Yes! It's very important to keep up with your routine dental care consistently while you receive orthodontic treatment. A healthy oral environment actually speeds up the braces process, allowing for bone to remodel quicker and teeth to move faster.
For your added convenience our ortho team works alongside multiple dental practices in the community, directly communicating and exchanging treatment notes while producing immediate results. This partnership approach ultimately provides you with the most efficient and effective experience possible for both your dental and orthodontic services.

how long do i have to wear braces (and if i double-up on my bands, will treatment go twice as fast)?
Timing completely depends on the unique needs of the patient we're working with because, of course, every one is different! Just as our individual genetic make-up and unique qualities are all slightly different from one person to the next, so is our approach to orthodontic treatment. During your first consultation our team will outline an advised treatment plan that clearly defines our approach, the desired results, and the duration of your journey to a perfect smile. If you're still hoping for a ballpark estimate, the average duration we see most patients wearing braces is a two-year treatment plan.
And no - unfortunately doubling-up on your bands won't do you any good. While that's a clever idea, your teeth can only move so quickly regardless of how much force you put on them.

at what age should i consider orthodontic treatment for my child(ren)?
It's no secret that now more than ever people are taking pride in their appearance; the pressure for perfection is everywhere. As far as ideal timing for ortho treatment, we truly believe the benefits of an early consultation - ie: early detection and prevention - are astounding. As such, we follow the recommendation of the American Academy of Orthodontists (AAO) which states patients should come in for their first visit around the age of seven. An evaluation around this age can help detect and deter many fixable problems at an age when your child's teeth and jaw are still developing. But that's not to say kids over the age of seven are "too late" to get started!

sure we all want a perfect smile, but how much is this going to cost me?
We'd like you to think of braces as an investment, one that you will use and enjoy the benefits of each and every day. (Alright fine, we may be a little biased here, but how many other purchases will you get this much use out of in your lifetime?!)
The exact expense of braces is hard to quote generically, as it correlates directly with each patient's unique treatment plan, and of course, will differ even further with insurance coverage taken into consideration. Therefore, the total cost will vary case-by-case, but there's one thing we promise: a return-on-investment that'll make anyone smile.

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